This little enterprise was derived from our family's needs.

We are building it base on your reviews and personal recommendations.  

This is why, delivering value and become referable with high quality of products and services is utmost important to us.

So, don't keep us a secret.  Share the benefits of our products to people you care about.

P/S: Photos taken in 2009 so we have since aged and kids grown... :)

What do we do?

* We believe "Less is More".

* All products are "certified vegan" and organic.   Spirulina is certified organic.

* We work with manufacturers to deliver maximum value to you.

* All products are tested over time before you see them here.

* We only sell what we are convinced after the test of time.

* We streamline and improve our product range continuously to cater to your needs. 

* We keep our overheads low to cope with increasing costs.

We take pride in doing our best for all our friends and family using the products - like you!  :)