FBH Aloe Vera Cleanser Gel (8oz)

$ 56.80

Dr Lily's All Natural® Aloe Vera Skincare

brings you a range of tried and tested natural skin care products for your face and body needs - suitable for all skin types including damaged/sensitive skin.

  • 8oz

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FBH Gel Cleanser is natural and great for your entire family from young to old! 

Now you can finally reduce clusters from your bathroom shelves and travel light!  :) 

Due to high concentration, a little goes a long way.  Dilute with water and form lather in your palm before use.  Or transfer to another bottle to dilute with water before use.  This will make your product lasts longer and gentler for your skin without compromising efficacy.

FBH Aloe Vera Gel Cleanser uses our gem organic Aloe Vera juice as the gel's base (not water or aqua).  This gentle yet effective formula uses the calming distillates and essential oils of lavender and chamomile. 

Glycerin, vitamin B & E, wheat protein, jojoba oil and rosehip oil enhance conditioning properties of this gel.

As you have requested, it is now sulfate-free as well... and suitable even for babies!  Cheers!  :)

This unique certified vegan formula is a versatile 3-in-1 conditioning cleansing gel

It is perfect for face wash, body wash and even as shampoo to care for your hair and scalp. 

Hence the name FBH (face, body and hair). 

Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Lavender Distillate, Roman Chamomile Distillate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Pro-Vitamin B5, Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid + choice of essential oil (French Lavender or Proprietory Relaxing Blend).

You choose what goes into your FBH Cleanser Gel!

* Unscented (if this is what you prefer)
* add Lavender essential oil (relaxing!)
* add Lemongrass essential oil (invigorating!)
* add Eucalyptus essential oil (energizing!)
* add Sweet Orange essential oil (joyful!)
* add Pink Grapefruit essential oil (refreshing!)

Key Benefits of FBH Cleansing Gel:

* Organic Aloe Vera Juice

Used to relieve burning, itching, minor cuts, and first and second degree burns.  Recent studies indicate that Aloe Vera has the ability to accelerate cell growth in the skin, by penetrating the skin and stimulating the immune system & increasing blood circulation. Its anti-aging effects are due to increase in collagen synthesis & skin elasticity.   

* Lavender Distillates

Lavender simply calms and pampers your tired body and mind.  It is a nature’s wonder "drug", well loved and good for everything and everyone.  Excellent for all skin types, balances sebum, soothes and helps skin regenerate cells.  Used for eczema, psoriasis, bruises, burns, scars, wounds and all issues of inflamed or irritated skin. 

* Chamomile Distillates

Great for troubled skin. Useful for acne, allergic reactions, itchy skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and irritated inflamed skin.  Also, acts as an analgesic which eases arthritis, back and muscle pain.

* Kosher Vegetable Glycerin

Most commercial skincare products use artificial Glycerin from propylene alcohol or replace with cheaper counterpart, Sorbitol.  We use only natural Glycerin from Kosher Vegetable in our cleansing gel which helps maintain water balance in the inter-cellular matrix and thus maintain the skin's homeostasis.

* Pro-Vitamin B5

Has natural broad abilities to hydrate, soothe, heal and regenerate the skin.  It stabilizes the skin barrier function, reducing the amount of water lost through the skin.  By applying a pro-vitamin B5 formulation to the skin, you will not only increase its hydration but improve its softness and elasticity, making pro-vitamin B5 ideal for the treatment of dry, scaly or rough skin.

* Vitamin B

Vitamin improves the moisture-retention capacity of the skin and stimulates skin regeneration.  Dry skin stays supple and elastic for longer.  It also has an anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effect.

* Vitamin E

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) = Accumulates in the epidermis and forms a barrier against moisture evaporation from the skin, therefore its great for dry skin!  An antioxidant, Vitamin E helps prevent free radical damage in the skin tissues.  It is a major antioxidant nutrient, it retards cellular aging due to oxidation, it aids in bringing nourishment to cells, and it strengthens the capillary walls.

* Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Excellent to increase firmness, nourishes and smooths skin making skin feeling soft.  it is also a moisture retainer to protect skin from drying out and decreases number and depth of  existing wrinkles on the skin.

* Jojoba Oil

Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Oil contains a waxy substance, similar to skin sebum, which gives a silky smooth feel.  Jojoba has excellent moisturizing and protective effects; it penetrates deeply.  It is useful for acne, eczema, inflamed skin and psoriasis.  Since it is liquid it is often also called Jojoba oil.  It is widely used in different personal care and cosmetic products helping to treat dry skin.  It also soothes and helps to remove wrinkles and stretch marks.  It acts as a tonic, emollient and moisturizer. 

* Rose Hip Oil

Rosehip (Rosa mosqueta) Oil is very rich in vitamin C.  The moisturizing, regenerating, healing and hydrating properties help with dry, scaly fissured skin, dull skin, eczema, psoriasis, over pigmented skin, scar and facial line reduction, prophylactic after burns or trauma and ulcerated veins and scars.

Dr Lily's All Natural®(registered trademark) brings you a range of tried and tested natural skin care products for your face and body needs.

FAQs regarding Dr Lily's Skincare Products:

Q1: Dr Lily's skincare products are suitable for what kind of skin type?

We have further improved our formulas to make our skincare items gentler without compromising the effectiveness so that everyone can use whatever item they fancy or need. 

All products you see here are perfect for all skin types including normal, dry, oily, combination, mature, damaged, acne and even sensitive skin.  If you have recently underwent harsh chemical peels, do not hesitate to use them too.

Q2: Why the product's color and viscosity differ slightly from my last purchase?

It is normal for different batches of products to vary in both color and viscosity due to the nature of the organic and natural ingredients we use. 

Q3: Are there any harsh and synthetic Ingredients?

Our certified vegan skin care products and free from sulfate, parabens, artificial coloring, fragrances, mineral oils and other harsh ingredients.

Q4: What is the shelf life of your products?

Because we do not use cheap, strong and harsh preservatives (eg. parabens), expiry date is two (2) years from date of production.  Products added with parabens can last up to 5 years.  We believe all of us prefer a safer and fresher product. 

Q5: How soon must I finish up the product after opening?

It is best to use up the product within twelve (12) months after opening.

Q6: Do I need to store the skincare products in the fridge?

This is optional (personal preference) and not necessary.  Room temperature and away from direct sunlight will suffice.


CLICK HERE to read testimonials by users on Facebook

Feedback from Jan Tan (Facebook):

Thanks for the Great products!

I cannot do without Bio-Rescue Serum!
It really keeps my eczema away...

Now my girl also know the wonder of serum...

She used it for her bad outbreak on her face and within 2 days it subsided and all the redness is gone!

She told me : Now I know why it is call Bio Rescue cos it rescue my face... :)

Feedback from Samuel (Bedok):

OMG THX, I love this bio-rescue serum a lot.

This is the first time i am ready to compliment a product in just 1 day.

I experienced reduction in redness and smoothness of complexion.

I prefer this serum so much more compared to the aloe vera gel since the aloe vera gel causes my skin to sting because of the witch hazel.

I really hope this product remains the same in terms of effectiveness (ingredients), size as well as price.

I believe this is a really effective and competitively priced serum as opposed to the huge range of products that I had tried in the past.

Whenever i buy from this company, I feel that my needs are totally fulfilled pertaining to the service and more importantly the results of the product.

I would definitely try the bio defence serum and I hope it would be just as effective as the bio rescue.

** For most people, Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel should not cause a stinging sensation, but rather a soothing sensation to calm the skin.  The witch hazel may lead to some mild stinging sensation for some but rare. 

** All our serums are suitable for young and adults with sensitive skin.

Feedback from Agnes aka Zambuk Queen (Jurong):

"A" File (Top) / "B" File (Bottom)

Agnes Son A

In the "A" file, the 10pm photo was taken immediately after a wash, a pimple-bursting session & application of the Bio-Rescue Serum. 4 hours later, the serum had taken effect by reducing the swell. 

Then you also imagine all those pimples on the two sides of the nose. After similar sessions + nightly application of the serum for a week followed by a compromise from my 13yo that he does not "touch" it so the skin can heal on its own which means no more serum, the skin has indeed started healing on its own.

In the "B" file, the pimple at the eyebrow was broken on 27 Nov, 11pm. After one night of serum, it is healing very nicely.

Then comparing these two set of pictures, one side of the nose is almost clean, no scars. But of cos, upon closer inspection, you can still see & feel the scars.

As for myself, I started using the Bio-Rescue serum cos I itchy-fingers went to buy a NEW whole range of face products which sent my face popping pimples like crazy. So I bought the serum to "rescue" my face. And since then, I have been using the serum to curb my menstrual-pimples, esp the big one at the tip of my nose. The last time it showed signs of coming out, I applied the serum every night without fail. (Yes, I am lazy to apply anything on my face before bedtime.) After a week ... or was it a few days? ... the nose-pimple just subsided on its own. Likewise for the pimples along my eyebrow. (Yes, like mother like son. Kekeke!!!!)

As this nose-pimple had ever exploded before (my mum always called me Rudolph-the-red-nose-reindeer when it happened *roll eyes*), the serum has help to "remove" / "whiten" the scar very effectively. Right now, nobody can tell that it used to have a big pimple at the tip of my nose unless I tell them.

If & when I do apply the serum at night, it will be on my forehead and cheeks where pimples love to camp. But on the weekdays, it is applied on the whole face. Yup, I dun apply on weekends too.

Specifically, this serum is very effective for pimples. Maybe I have good genes to begin with, so I cannot see other positive effects the serum has on my face. Maybe I should apply them on my leg's mosquito scars to further test its whitening effectiveness.

Oh. I've just finished the whitening facial treatment package for freckles/pigments on my cheeks. So now I will keep a close eye on the whitening effects of the serum on them. My mum also has dark pigments on her cheeks. And I've told her to use the serum but she stubbornly said her pigments are beyond repair. *roll eyes* Nevertheless, she will help me to "clean out" the bottle, citing not to waste expensive good stuff. And she would proudly show me how "clean out" the bottle is. Kekekeee!!!!

Last but not least ... since the serum is doing a-okay on my skin (& my son's skin), I will continue using it. Once bitten twice shy: Do not leave your comfort zone especially where your vanity is concerned. *cheesy grin*

Feedback from Choc (Online Forum):

Oh ya just to drop my review on the 2 products which i bought from u last round.

1) Aloe Vera Body Polish with Lavender Essential Oil - Been hearing alot of great review on this on how "clean" they feel after using this polish... So finally got one tub to try and i must say i love the lavender smell and after rinsing off the polish, i feel that my skin are softer and smoother... and very pampered feeling...will buy again!

2) FBH Aloe Vera Cleanser Gel - Been wanting to try your whole range of facial product so this is the next item i got and i love the lavender smell of the cleanser..tried it on hair, face and body and super love the smell of the gel!! Good for pampering ourselves especially after a day of hard work and taking care of kids...

Lastly is the Aloe vera gel which i been regularly buying and this is a must have first aid gel for kids ranging from infants to toddlers!!! I always make it a point to keep at least 1 unopened gel!! :)

Feedback from Sau Mei (Serangoon Ave):

I use Dr Lily's 3-1 gel cleanser for hair, face and body. 

In fact, I have several bottles of these gel cleansers, each containing different essential oils to suit my moods.  :)

Recently, while I was taking a shower after visiting the company's gym, my colleague whose nearby exclaimed "someone is using Lemongrass for shower and the smell is fantastic! " 

I replied "that's me!"... Hahahaha!  Love it!  Thanks!  :)

Subsequent Feedback from Lily (Clementi):

I have always under-estimate the use of Dr Lily's serums as an eye cream.

After using so many brands of eye cream, I decided to give it a try.

After using your serums as eye cream, I have realized that my fine lines under my eyes are lesser and not so much of eye bags.

My friend has commented that the "pimples" near the eyes are gone for good too! :)

Feedback from Lily (Clementi):

We all love your FBHs....not just me but from other users as well. I think we can all skip expensive hair treatments...

Before I try, I was skeptical that it will be suitable as a shampoo. That is the biggest mistake i made! Remember I simply refused to try?

And it now really works wonder not just for my skin but also for my hair!

For people who have silky hair also find the difference between using expensive salon shampoo and FBH!

** FBH = FBH 3-in-1 Gel Cleanser

Feedback from Ms Anonymous:

My SIL was so excited that day when i called her.

She told me that she sprained her hand at home and asked DTG from my bro (I gave my bro DTG for his workout purposes).

My bro massaged some DTG on her and ran some errands on her behalf. After sometimes, my bro asked her if her hand was ok.

She asked him back "My hand was painful meh?" She has totally forgotten about it as her hand was totally fine after that.

She was amazed by the DTG (1st time using!) and can't help but keep praising the miracle gel.

My bro says that she cannot keep thinking of the gel and keep having "accidents" at home.

** DTG = Deep Tissue Gel

Feedback from Jennifer (Sengkang):

I love Dr Lily's Perfecting Powder! 

I have oily T-zone and usually by mid day this area, especially my nose will be oily. 

Since I started to  apply perfect powder as a finishing touch, my T-zone is no longer oily and my make up stays till the end of the day. 

My face looks radiant and PERFECT even when I feel tired after a busy day at work.

Feedback from 3lilangels (Bishan):

Just my humble opinion :)

The perfecting powder blends so well into my skin that it gives out a natural glow, making it so radiant and smooth!

Compare to the mineral silk powder I used previously, I noticed:

* color of your perfecting powder is more natural
* easier to apply
* blend into skin better
* not drying

My friend, who is an Indian, likes the perfecting powder so much!  She said her skin looks good with it!  She is very happy with the powder that she’s going to introduce it to her friends too!

I bought the bundle deal #2 so it comes with the intimate mini kabuki brush.  It's compact and actually size just nice to me. 

Quality of the brush is not bad - very soft actually.  Did not see any hair dropping out from the brush.  :)

Color combination of the brush is also nice  :)

Feedback from Yen aka Destiny (Hougang):

I have been diagnosed with urticaria (chronic hives aka Hong Mo) for the past 1 year and have to be careful with my choice of skin care as I easily get rashes.

The Aloe Vera gel is always my immediate rescuer.  They usually go away after applying.  This is much better than the usual calamine lotion or rice wine used to reduce rashes.

The FBH cleanser with my choice of essential oil is so refreshing to start my day.  It keeps me in happy mood.  This is further enhanced with the refreshing toner!  They are my daily perk-me-up tools!

I'm alternating the 2 Bio rescue and defense serums daily.  It doubles up as a under eye serum, one lesser step/product!  It helps retains my healthy skin.

So far I have never experienced rashes upon using any of the products.

Highly recommended for sensitive skin!

After my skincare regime, I will finish my makeup with the Aloe Perfecting Powder. It definitely adds glow and smoothness to my skin.  It also makes my makeup last longer and indeed a polished look!

I also started taking Spirulina 3 months ago.  I find a reduction of outbreak of hives. The new certified tabs also comes in slightly smaller size which makes it easier to swallow!

Great products from Dr Lilys!

Subsequent Feedback from Ms Anonymous:


Would like to add:

I simply love the aloe vera gel with pink grapefruit essential oil. It is natural, pleasant and just so addictive, I couldn't help but just adding more to my face and my arms....

I will consider adding this essential oil to my FBH cleanser next time.


Feedback from Ms Anonymous:

After using Dr Lily's products, I have seen improvements in my skin. It's no longer dry and the fine lines are less visible.

I have recommended my friends to use too.  For those with problem skin, they have seen vast improvements in their skin. Their face are less oily, pores are less visible and they look more radiant!

My sis who is staying overseas experienced lightening of her freckles and pigmentation with just days of using the serum and aloe vera gel.

Oh yes, she also use the gel on her gals who are prone to rashes on their nappy area. She says the rashes normally disappear after one or two times of application.

We are all very grateful to the products!



Feedback from Cadbury (Choa Chu Kang):

The Perfecting Powder really gives a very natural coverage to the skin, making it look translucent and never too over made up or drama.

I like the way it glides so easily onto the skin.

Best of all, it is also smudge free! I've finally found something which gives my skin a healthy natural coverage which blends in well into my skin tone. I also know I'm not applying any oils or unwanted chemicals onto my face. :)

Feedback from Jenny Liow (Pasir Ris):

My boy developed diaper rash when he is about 12 months old.  He was on a barrier cream then which we applied after every diaper change.

Somehow the barrier cream became ineffective for him.

We tried many other brands but to no avail till I came across Dr Lily’s Aloe Vera Gel via a spree online.  I decided to give it try. 

I started with 1 tube.  After the 1st application, the rashes subsided and the next day, it was clear.

From then on, I have been using Dr Lily’s Aloe Vera gel for my boy.  He is 17 months old now and is free from diaper rash.

I introduced to a friend when she mentioned that his boy also developed diaper rash and indeed, he was healed too after 1 day of application. I am really thankful for this product!

Feedback from Ms CYL (Alexandra Road):

The Aloe Vera Gel has become the wonder gel for my whole trip.  I am always with a tube in my bag. The kids are applied everytime when they fell, hurt, scratched, and bitten.  I even offered to strangers.

* * * * * * * *

I just wanted to tell you the "Perfecting Powder" is getting better day by day.  I even no longer need a foundation to make the powder to stay on my face for almost 15hours.  And the powder just blend to my skin colour naturally.  Be it normal days or even after days that I got a tan, I just need a sunscreen and a make up base (or bb cream) for longer coverage for the day.

When I feel dehydrated during the day, I just spray some "Lavender Calming Toner" on my face and and I feel fresh and clean again.

The face remains smooth for the rest of the day. I feel my skin can breathe better now.

I wanted to share a secret.  I was experiencing dry peeling lips for many weeks and many a times, my lips started to bleed after peeling.

I tried aloe vera gel but it only help me in the short term. In desperation, I use the Serum (sorrie, I wanted to ask you whether it was safe, but I really can't wait) on my lips for a few times a day.  After a few days of applying the serum and aloe vera gel, my lips were completely healed!  I just need to put on aloe vera gel to prevent it from cracking again.

Comments from us:

Yes, it is safe to apply our serums on your lips for deep skin hydration and repair.

My pantry aunty was so grateful to your aloe vera gel that she came and specially thank me just now.

Her skin no longer feel itchy due to aircon here... I gave her one mini jar from the last spree.  And she used it very sparingly.  That day, she saw me using and commented it was very good.  I wanted to give her one tube but she paid me $.  Now she use it at least once a day for her arms.

Feedback from Jan Tan (Woodlands):

I have very sensitive skin and often have eczema outbreak on my face.

After using the serum, I am so happy that it can control my outbreak (now hardly has outbreak)... not only that my face is smooth and looks fresh.  My family & friends commented my face looks so much better now!

I bought a bottle for my sis as she has very oily skin plus acne outbreak.  Just only few days of using it, she said its good!

Really good product and best its chemical free!  Also value for $$$!

Feedback from Cadbury (Choa Chu Kang):

I now know why this product is called Body Polish instead of Body Scrub cos it really gives your body a good polish!

The "grains" are very fine, yet it is so gentle on the skin, never rough or harsh. U can literally feel CLEAN SKIN after using the body polish.

And not forgetting the lovely scent of the pure lavender essential oil which makes my shower so therapeutic.

I felt like I just stepped out of a spa after my shower! :)

Feeback from Ms CYL (Alexandra Road):

I have tried your toner... In fact many times within an hour just now.

To cleanse and hydrate my face but in the end I think it cured my migraine which has been bothering me for the past few days.  Thanks to Dr Lily's!

Feedback from Trixiebelle (online forum):

My mum loves the Deep Tissue Gel! And that's saying a lot cos she's usually super duper fussy and doesn't like most things. Haha! Even I was surprised she finished using the one in the old packaging!

Feedback from Jennifer (Sengkang):

* FBH Multi Purpose Cleanser + Lavender essential oil *

Love this multi purpose cleanser!  My face usually feels tight n sometimes pain after I wash it with the facial foams I bought from the supermarket.  This cleanser does not give me such problems, instead it makes my face feels smooth n moisturized.  I even use it to bath, gives my body a nice lavender smell after that!

* Calming Facial Toner Spray + Lavender essential oil *

I do not have the habit of applying toner on my face after i cleansing my face.  But I like this!  It is fuss-free, a few spray onto my face and I am done.  :P

* Aloe Vera Body Polish + Lavender essential oil *

I have used many body scrubs products but none has come close to how this body polish makes me feel!  Besides making my skin smooth, my skin feels truly moisturized.  It does not have the silky feeling some of the other products makes u feel even after you stand under the shower for a long time trying to wash it away. 

* Deep Tissue Gel *

Usually after a day at work wearing my high heels, my feet will be tired and painful, sometimes I will have cramps on my feet in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.  I apply this gel onto my tired feet n calf after my bath n before I sleep, it helps to sooth the tired muscle and relieve the pain on the feet.  Most important is there are no more cramps in the middle of the night!

Feedback from Cadbury (Choa Chu Kang):

Brought the calming spray toner along on my trip to the U.S last month and I so loved it!

As the weather there was cold and dry, this calming spray toner really helped to moisturize my skin and gave me a refreshing perk-up everytime I sprayed onto my face.

The lavender essential oil always give me a therapeutic feeling as lavender has been my favourite scent. Love the refreshing and non-greasy feeling it leaves on my skin.  

And my 4 year old gal loves to spray it on her face too!

Feedback from Catherine (Bedok Reservoir):

I don't mind to share my comments with others.  Thanks for helping to put my verbal reviews into words.

I have been using Dr Lily's calming toner for 4 days now (day/night).  

My skin now looks radiant, brighter and seems to be smoother too.  My skin use to be dull before using this toner.  I just close my eyes and spray - so easy!  

The lavender essential oil in the toner is just the right amount to me and makes me feels emotionally good too!  I am pleased with the toner and will continue to use it.  :)

Feedback from Alison89 (Bukit Timah):

Hi hi!  Bot your new Body Polish last month and promised to share my experience but kept forgetting... thanks for reminding me ya?  Paisay!  :P

I use the polish for my entire body (once to twice a wk) after shower.  Spend a bit more time to work on rough areas (knees and elbows).

You are rite!  A little goes a long way.

I love the results and the smell of lavender EO in it!  Better than sugar body scrub I have used before.  Thanks!

My friend who bought it from my spree told me she enjoys using it too and her hubby commented her skin is smoother now... :)

P/S: Before I read the ingredient, I tot they were made of salt as the texture is so fine!  Now I know it is made of walnut and organic aloe juice... Nice!

Feedback from Lily (online forum):

The aloe vera gel-based Deep Tissue Gel gets absorbed by the skin quickly, leaving no stickness at all.

The warm sensation after application is very soothing and relaxing on painful joints and tired muscles.
The best thing I love about this gel is the great smell. 

Unlike those creams available in the market which leaves a strong medicated scent after application.

Received from emm09 (online forum):

Here's my review of the Deep Tissue Gel.

Have been using this gel for the past few nights on my sprained ankle that didn't heal well.

Has got a really nice smell to it, relieves pain and best of all... it doesnt sting my eyes when i forgot to wash my hands after applying.

Great product!  (:

Received from Paulineng (online forum):

Here's my experience with the serum:  

Chanced upon the serum while I am purchasing the aloe vera gel.. so I thought... why not give this serum a try since the aloe vera gel work well on me? 

Been using the serum for 1 month already and I just love the feeling that it is non greasy and it absorbs very fast into my skin.

The best thing is when I wake up the next morning, I can feel my skin smoother and gives a glow!

Even my colleague commented that my face 'glow' and asks me whether did I have facial the previous day?!!!  

I am hoping that with regular use, the marks on my skin will go off...   Thank you for bringing in this great product!

Received from Happie/Rochelle (online forum):

Yo!   Please go ahead with my review on the serum.  Now I'm trying to recover the deep old necklines.

Initially I applied 10 pumps of serums onto my dry and flaky neck (followed by aloe vera gel) and 1 pump of serum on my face for 2 days.

Subsequent days till now, I apply 2 pumps onto neck and the rest on face.
After one week, I couldn't see the white flaky neck with cracked lines on neck already!

After 2 weeks, neck is now soft and smooth like baby's skin!

Received from Chrissy2110 (online forum):

My serum review to share with others.

Personally I found the serums actually help to improve my combination skin condition by reducing oiliness on my T-zone and speed up the healing of my pimple breakout within a day or two.

Absorbed very fast upon applying on my skin which make me feel fresh day & night.

Also helps to reduce the visibility of my neck lines which previously I do not have the routine to apply skincare on my neck.

What I like best beside its effectiveness is the products are ORGANICS!

I am so glad to join SMH and found great products there which I will continue to support as long as I could.

Received from Amarmivida1980 (online forum):

Thanks for your great service!

I will like to share with you my experience with the serum.

Been using for abt 3 days already. I realised that the skin is very smooth the next morning. The best thing is that it gives me a glow and my colleagues commented that i look fairer with a rosy cheek.

After using it religiously for 3 days and nights, i realised that my pores are not so visible and i love my skin now!

Thanks for introducing the serum to me.

Now i need to find a way to discard all my other facial products!!!

Received from Soko (online forum):

Thought I should write a compliment for the Serum.

Been using it for a week and i was pleasantly suprised to notice the significant smoothness and the pores seems smaller.

I'm hoping that with regular use, the pimples mark will go off.

All in all, it is an excellent product that proves comparable to the more expensive or branded face creams sold in the market.

Received from Dadelina (online forum):

Would like to let u know that I've received my order in great order - thanks

Juz wanna share my experience from using the Serums and the Toner and Cleanser...

The serums are very fast absorbed, not oily and it's definitely true that a pea-sized is sufficient for the whole face including neck  :D

I use the serum for overnight repair and now, every morning, I wake up with my skin feeling smoother and subtle.

As for the Toner and Cleanser, besides their natural and heavenly smell, there's no feeling of tightness or dryness after cleansing and the toner is easy to apply and cleanse any left over residue very well too.

Great products and thanks to you, of course for bringing them in!

Please go ahead and post the comment in your website.  they're truly great products and reasonably priced too :)

Received from Springz (online forum):

Been years, I have been spending lots of $$ using all sorts of Organic brands product from head to toes, any brands you can name it but none give me an satisfactory.

Now, my skin is so dry, redness and oily t-zone.

Then, I saw bulk purchase spree doing the serum products.  At first, am not confidence whether it works well on my sensitive skin.

When I saw the products ingredient is chemical free and preservative free, paraben free. 

Since I have been spending so much on products, so i decided to give it a try!

Am also quite particular of the ingredient used in Organic products (some pdt claim as organic but still has the harsh ingredient).

In fact, I just received the serum yesterday and I tried it last nite and this morning.

It's amazing!

The serum is not oily at all and it absorbed quickly into the skin and I don't feel the serum applied on my skin.

I use the serum together with Cleanser + Toner, last I add on aloe vera gel cos my skin quite dry.

After using so many organic products, am quite happy wif the products. So, I decided to try their absolute serum for the nite.

I can throw away all my existing products....

Received from Vik (online forum):

I have started using products since Sunday.

I like the smell of lavender in toner!  It creates a calming effect when sprayed on the face.  It helps to relax.

The packaging of e toner (spray) is good esp. when I'm staying over at my mom/in-law's hse. I don't have to bring along cotton wool, very convenient.

I actually started off with the Aloe Vera gel and was amazed by the results.

Thus when you launched the 1st serum BP, I decided to give it a try too.

I was quite shocked when I tried the Facial Serum cos it appeared very thick and sticky.

But when I applied on my face, it was quickly absorbed into the skin.  It didn't have any oily effect on my face after that.

After 2 weeks of usage, I noticed that my face is smoother & firmer.

It's definitely more supple than before.

I'm pleased with the results and will continue to use it diligently twice daily.

Hope you will bring in more products from Dr Lily's.

Received from Burberry (online forum):


- i had used for day and night, followed by my day & night moisturizer.

- it's suitable for my sensitive skin, which is also slightly oily on the t-zone and yet dry on the cheeks & lips area. i find tat my face becomes dehydrated and wrinkled after giving birth.

- serum is quickly absorbed into the skin without any oily/sticky feeling. my face look more moisten and smoother after juz 3 days!

- 1 pea size of the serum is really enough for the entire face! i had thot tat 1 pea size for entire face is not possible and probably juz a gimmick statement. :p

- love this product!

so glad i've made the right decision to purchase. hehe...took a while for me to decide cos i've tried so many products that claimed that they worked but the results are disappointing.

* * * * * *


- this toner is very calming! great smell which makes me feel as if i'm at a wonderful spa retreat...

- very easy to use : spray, breathe and pat! spray on the entire face, take a deep breath of the relaxing fragrance to calm down the mind and pat gently to let the toner absorbed better by the skin.

- this toner is also good to use after blackhead/pimple extraction to help reduce the swell and redness, as well as providing some anti-imflammation protection.

- very satisfied with this toner!

Received from Quackers (online forum):

Base on my own experience, cos my skin is super sensitive, as in i totally can't take any fragrances and coloring, your serum suits me well. 

It is very easy to apply and a little goes a long way.  I also find my skin looking much smoother. 

I like that I can also use this as an eye cream.  Have also introduced my hubby to this.

Received from WeeWee (online forum):

Hi ladies,

Just to share with you my own experience after using the serum, cos my skin is a bit sensitive and belong to combination skin type.

I bought 2 serums.

I find that both works for me.  They are not oily yet can keep my skin supple and well moisturized.

I only used a pea size of it and it can lasts me the whole day. : >

Best of all, as it totally natural, I'm not worried that my gals will accidentally "eat" it when they kiss (my baby gal sometimes lick!) me as I'm always worried that they will eat the chemicals in it when I'm using the previous brand.

Thank you for introducing me this. : >

Received from Cadbury (online forum):

Seriously in the past, I have never liked to use any serum on my face. Probably have tried some brands of serum in the market and I had felt like that there's a thick film on my face.  

I decided to give this Dr Lily's serum a try after knowing it's paraben free and contains no harmful/harsh ingredients. (after all, Dr Lily's aloe vera gel has been working very well on my first aid needs, thus I was keen to try their other products too).

After using for several days, I did notice some improvements on my skin.

There was never any heavy texture and my skin felt a lot smoother too.

I only pumped a little onto my palm before applying it in an upwards motion onto my face and neck, even under the eye area.

I do not feel any need to apply any other moisturizer on my face afterward.

I must say I am indeed very pleased with the results.

Received from Esther Zhang/Mousey_mummy (online forum):

I want to say something! ;p

I have been using Facial Serum for the past week, a pea size day and night.

I'm amaze at the result!

It makes my skin smoother and glowing, something which only AHA could acheive in the past. (Too bad, AHA caused my skin to become super sensitive)

Another plus point about this is that it doesn't clog up my pores like other serum did!

Glad I decided to give the serum a try even though I have bad experience with others.

Guess I thought it might be a good complement since I have been using aloe vera gel as a moisturiser.

Last but not least, thanks for bringing this great product in! @-'-,-----------

Received from Mamalow (online forum):

The first time when I pump the serum out …. I was like my god why is it so thick & sticky like honey & are you sure this little pea size is enough for the entire face???

I believe those that had used before will agree with me.

After the first application I tell myself I will definitely continue to use this…. it’s so light there’s no oily or sticky feeling at all.

After a week of application, my skin looks smoother, firmer & well moisturized.

Great product thanks!  :P


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FBH Aloe Vera Cleanser Gel (8oz)

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