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This little enterprise is derived from our family's personal needs.

We build our business mainly by customers' reviews and referrals.  Therefore, delivering value and become referable with high quality of products and services is utmost important to us.

So, don't keep us a secret.  Share the benefits of our products to people you care about...   :)

Where are we here?

Our desperate need for Spirulina is the primary reasons why we kick start this little venture. 

Thanks to a friend who gave our daughter (with multiple congenital issues) some Spirulina to help in her severe congenital constipation problem.  Since 1991, Spirulina has helped our eldest daughter in heaps and beyond anyone's expectations! 

After a year of taking Spirulina, she was spared from a scheduled operation.  Even the surgeon was puzzled and sold when he saw the new scan results and changes in her during the pre-operation consultation.

Since then, Spirulina never cease to bring us joys and satisfaction whenever we receive comments and encouraging words from people taking it.

Subsequent products such as aloe vera gel and face/body care were derived from our family's needs.  These products were lovingly developed, tested, proven and introduced.  Thanks to our group of volunteer testers for their constructive opinions and ongoing strong support!!

What do we do?

* All products are "certified vegan" and organic. 

* We work with manufacturer direct so you get maximum value for your dollar.

* All products are tested products over time before you see them here.

* We only sell what we are convinced after test of time.

* We streamline and improve our product range continuously to suit your needs. 

* We believe "Less is More"... Use less products and go for more natural and safer solutions. 

* We use easily recyclable materials for our packaging.  If we have to choose between paper and plastic, we will go for recyclable plastics. 

* We keep our costs low so you can receive best value for your money without compromising product safety, freshness and quality. 

We take pride in our high level of business ethics. These codes of business ethics guide our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our business objectives.

What we don't do?

* we say no to potentially harmful preservatives and chemicals eg. parabens and artificial fragrances etc.  This means shorter shelf life and higher costs for us.  But we are responsible towards our customers including babies.  No matter how small the amount, it DOES add up over the years!

* we say no to potential harmful addictives.  We made a standing order to remove hardener and polish from our certified organic premium Spirulina.  You get nothing else but pure and clean Spirulina in your Spirulina.  :)

* we say no to excessive and secondary packaging.  You save the money on packaging too!  Having said that, if you need a gift pouch/tag to giveaway our product as a present, please request from us.  

* we say no to unnecessary paper brochures.  If you need any, send us a request for a PDF format. 

* we say no to multi-level marketing.  We are not in a "get-rich-quick" business.  We believe in steadfast and ethical growth.  All thanks to your trust and support over the years! :)

Why we don't find your products at the retail chain shops?

Our products are free from chemically processed ingredients and preservatives.  Shelf life is only two (2) years from date of manufacture minus shipment time from USA and storage etc.  Compare this with most commercial skincare products which can be good for many more years due to preservatives and other harsh chemicals used.

However, having said that, we want you to know that we are listening and endeavor to make purchasing our products more convenient as we go along. 

We promise that you will find us in more places nearer to you once we find a suitable and happy medium.

As you have requested, we have expanded geographically for you to try out and purchase basic products over the shelves from "Peek A Box" at below locations. 

* Bishan MRT - Junction 8 #04-03B (next to GV Cinema)
* Jurong East MRT - Westgate Lobby A #03-42 (near to Singtel and next to escalator)
* Bugis MRT - Bugis+ #05-10

Please contact us for stock availability before making the trip.  Only list price is available at these locations. 

For bulk purchase discounted price, earn store credits and exclusive deals, please place order with Dr Lily's direct via email friends@drilys.com or 65-64511422 or mobile 65-96800066.  Thank you! :P

All products are sold under our exclusive house brands.  "Dr Lily's All Natural" is a registered trademark founded and owned by Dr Lily's International Marketing.  We reserve the rights to take legal actions against unauthorized usage (full or partial) of this name, logo, texts including but not limited to packaging, e-brochures and website without prior written permission from us.   

If you see any online forum or company selling "Dr Lily's" products, you are strongly encouraged to contact us so we can verify the authenticity for you.

We take your needs and concerns seriously and would love to hear from you!

Please use below form to make inquiry, submit product review or request for e-brochure.  For order, you may email us at friends@drlilys.com for a copy of order spreadsheet or simply fill up the online bulk purchase order form.  :)

We endeavor to reply the best we could and within the shortest possible time.  Thank you!